(Never thought that Night haunted your face)

The day is bleeding away,
while the moon already spreads
her ghostly shades
upon my sinking heart.

The city lied, lying asleep
in the fainted lights,
the snow whirling from the heights
of a deep velvet immensity.

I picked up the stars
and then threw them again,
cut the moon to soothe the pain,
ten thousand times, gazing far,
-why must your face haunt the Night?- 
or is it just the dismay of a liar?

The wind wuthered the laughters
of distant lonely (ever-fading) sleepwalkers
The wind entangled me in the web 
of your perfume, come from nowhere,
and in a shiver, I felt
your burning hands 
over my frail skin
your scented embrace
your enchanting voice
casting a spell,
your name
thrilling my heart
so well, your breath
holding mine,
I'm shipwrecked
in waves of desire.

If only I could be
your morning dew
poured upon you,
my thirsty lily.


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